NET Metering

Why Net Metering Solar?

Sun means solar power. But will that mean -no power when no sun in the sky? Absolutely not! Windsun Renewables have revolutionized solar power utilization by not only bringing in effective energy production, but also by the efficient means of electricity consumption and its reuse. The net metering system installed with the roof-top solar panels can go a long way in saving the energy. The excess power produced from solar energy during the day will be conserved into the grid. This conserved energy can help produce electricity for domestic use during less energy production times, such as on cloudy days or during night time. Windsun’s net metering system in Maharashtra, thus, provides an exceptionally good energy-efficient system for the solar power consumers.

Windsun takes care of the full utilization of solar power without any wastage. With this power-saving net metering, solar energy can be utilized as and when required, even when the sun is not shining!

Modalities Of NET metering

  • Capacity of Solar Rooftop : Should not exceed sanctioned load or contract demand
  • Distribution Transformer : The SRT Capacity shall not exceed 40% of distribution transformer rated capacity.
  • Distribution Licensee may allow Net Metering Exceeding 40% capacity upon detailed load study
  • HT Consumers may install Rooftop system at LT bus bar system Net meter to be installed at HT side of transformer

NET Metering policies of Maharashtra

  • Net Metering Arrangement” means an arrangement under which a Roof-top Solar PV System with Net Meter installed at an consumption end in your premises & will deliver surplus energy after adjustment to MSEDCL ( Energy Credit ) 
  • The Final Electricity Bill of the Month = Units Consumed – Units Generated by Solar
  • At the end of Financial Year the excess energy if any due to credit will be purchased by MSEDCL at Average Pooled Power Price.