Rooftop Model

Trunkey Solutions For Solar Grid Tie Rooftop Systems

Rooftop model


Unlike the OPEX model, where the investor owns the asset, in CAPEX model the end consumer can own the asset and claim accelerated depriciation and save taxes. Setting up of a 100 kWp project can result in additional upfront savings of upto INR 20 Lacs.

Also, solar has little or no technology risk associated with it. In such a scenrio, why pay the margins for the OPEX investors if you have spare capital to invest.

We at Headway Solar, help you determine which investment model to opt for and then help you to set a plant and start saving on power costs.

100% upfront payment is made by the client for the Solar PV System.


  • The ownership is Immediately established
  • Solution for those who have investible surplus capital
  • Tax Benefit claims
  • Comparatively cheapest power cost

Renewable Energy Services/Supply Company (RESCO)

This is a Fusion model in which the rooftop owner and third party invests in the Solar PV plant.The power thus produced is sold to the owner.The investor and the agree on a tariff (per kWh of solar power ) and timeline of purchase agreement is typically between 15-25 years

The consumer can sublet his RoofTop to a Project Developer and get monthly rent in the Local Micro Utility Model.

A growing parity based market in India will bring many new opportunities and Business Models and Alpex has wide experience in this New Potential Business Area.


  • From the installation ,the owner benefits from saving on electricity bill
  • Operations,maintenance and repairs of the Solar PV system shall be carried out by WINDSUN and the payment shall be done by the investor