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Windsun Renewables, a well-established enterprise in the solar energy sector has been contributing to India’s progress towards the solar journey through its high-class Installations and efficient solar power system. Solar energy has become a boon to the developing countries which are having poor electricity supplies due to the high cost involved in power production. The solar power system in Nagpur has been built to generate power supply for Wardha Chandrapur, Gondia, Amaravati, Akola and other electricity deficient in the Vidarbha region. Windsun Renewables is Central India’s biggest EPC company that has reached to the mark of generating 3MW under grid tied solar rooftop sector in the last eighteen months.

The solar energy companies in Nagpur have brought our country at par with other countries with the most productive non-renewable source of energy. With our projects supporting the residential commercial as well as industrial sectors, we have created a strong foothold in almost every major sector of the market. Our solar panel services in Nagpur have done outstanding work in the energy sector of the country. The solar power companies in Nagpur, Wardha Chandrapur, Gondia Amravati, and Akola take care of the cost effective generation and distribution of power from our established solar companies in Nagpur.

Windsun Renewables is also registered channel partner of MEDA and MNRE. We have proved to be the best partners in giving power to your dreams. Your association with Windsun will lead you to success. Nevertheless, solar power system will help you get it all.

why solar
Why Solar

The rapid development of the world economy and aggressive use of fossil fuels are increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions,accelerating climate change and threatening the natural ecological balance.


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Grid Tie Solar

A Solar Grid Tie Rooftop System in Nagpur is a Photovoltaic(PV) system that has its electricity generating modules mounted on the rooftop of a residential/commercial/industrial building.The system converts solar electric (PV) power into utility grade electricity.

Net Metering

Sun means solar power. But will that mean -no power when no sun in the sky? Absolutely not! Windsun Renewables have revolutionized solar power utilization by not only bringing in effective energy production, but also by the efficient means of electricity consumption and its reuse.

Rooftop Model

Unlike the OPEX model, where the investor owns the asset, in CAPEX model the end consumer can own the asset and claim accelerated depriciation and save taxes. Setting up of a 100 kWp project can result in additional upfront savings of upto INR 20 Lacs.

Why Windsun

Our end-to-end solutions, from installation to maintenance, powered by cost effective and streamlined commissioning processes and superior asset management bring the power of solar within your reach.


Our Projects

400 KW plant at engineering college

Ayurveda college

Solar plant at renowned Steel company

Ground Mounted Solar project

Ground Mounted Solar project


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